2020.09.16 Call for Application!!!!!

Hong Kong RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship Application 2020/2021

Deadline: Sep. 22,2020.

Details: HK RGC website

Please send your application material to

Application forms : Download

2020.06.26 New Article

L. Li, Z. Liu, X. Ren, S. Wang, V.-C. Su, M.-K. Chen, C. H. Chu, H. Y. Kuo, B. Liu, W. Zang, G. Guo, L. Zhang, Z. Wang, S. Zhu, and D. P. Tsai, “Metalens-array-based high-dimensional and multi-photon quantum source,” Science 368, 1487–1490 (2020)

2020.04.20 New Article

W. Yang, S. Xiao, Q. Song, Y. Liu, Y. Wu, S. Wang, J. Yu, J. Han, and D. P. Tsai, “All-dielectric metasurface for high-performance structural color,” Nature Communications 11, 1864 (2020).

2019.11.19 Award  

Web of Science SCI 2019 Highly Cited Researcher

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